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Legends of Gondwana is a Multiplayer RPG with a mythical, ancient story with Science Fiction elements to offer players new experiences and visions for a new world and new legends based on long-forgotten lore.

Immerse yourself in an intense battle between worlds! You’ll roam freely in hyper-realistic, dynamic and interactive environments. Discover and enjoy Gondwana’s expansive, long-lasting adventures across an action-packed free world!


Character creation

The options available give you, the player to create the hero or heroine of the story that you have always wanted.


Pets are the companions that you will meet and recruit during your journey.


Of all the ways to make your character stand out in an MMO, mounts are easily the best. They even represent a potent power fantasy.


Do you love action? Our extended quest system makes sure that you never get bored for a minute.


Gondwana is one of the oldest planets in the universe of Argatica, and is the only source of extremely rare and valuable herbs that enhance abilities.

The arrival of the Cortanian’s marked a turning point in our history.

What began with a group of travelers to our planet, quickly became a sign of force, one that we could not defend against. A great war ensued and although the battle was fought with great passion, the Cortanian army was a power too great for us.

As the Arrival of the Cortanian’s casts a shadow over all of Gondwana, bringing only pain and suffering, a group of rebels still refuse to bow to their whim, and continue to defy both the Cortanian’s way and stand for what is good and right. In a universe where war and destruction has plagued planetary civilizations, one source of energy has the power to bring Queen Livianas forced to glory,

You are a member of a secret organization whose quest is to save the inhabitants of the planet from invaders.






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